Intellectuals: Resistance must be escalated for Afrin 

 Kobani's intellectuals said the world and the Kurdish people in particular should organize events condemning the Turkish occupation of Afrin "To stand in front of the Turkish occupation's violations."

Turkish occupation and its mercenaries having occupied Afrin canton, and Turkish occupation's violations are still continued against the indigenous of the people of Afrin such as:  looting, stealing, kidnapping ...etc. and these egregious violations is happing in the front of the world eyes amid international silence.

In this regard, Hawar news agency(ANHA) held an interview with Kobani canton's intellectuals, stressed the importance of intensifying anti-activities

The co-chair of Intellectuals Union in Kobani, Mazloum Jammu said that" An intensive event should be organized for Afrin, and added" the aim of the Turkish violations in Afrin in order to obliterate the Kurdish history in the area, After the occupation of Afrin destroyed the statue of Kawa al-Haddad and destroyed the monuments of Afrin, and the Turkish occupation daily abducts civilians and tortures them and steal their property.

And he added "As did MP in the Democratic Peoples' Party, Leyla Guven, who went on hunger strike for 200 days, until the meeting of Ocalan was allowed, we must go this route and fight against the Turkish occupation in Afrin."

A member of Intellectuals Union Leyla Abdo said that throughout the Kurdish history said " Turkish government is entirely known as an enemy of the Kurds and always wanted to exterminate the Kurdish people ... What the Turkish occupation is doing is painful because it not only kills people but also kills nature. We must resist and establish events to stand up to the actions of the Turkish state."

Kobani canton's intellectuals appealed to the Kurdish people and the international community to move for Afrin against the Turkish occupation and called for resistance for Afrin.




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