If not tried, Daesh detainees' danger to continue

Sara Khalil said, "As long as there is no trial for Deash mercenaries who are detained by SDF, they pose a great danger to the region and an international court must be formed to try them as soon as possible."

In this regard, the joint presidency's deputy of Autonomous Administration of Euphrates region Sara Khalil said Deash mercenaries who were captured by SDF had a great danger on the region and may have been revived again in the areas of north and east of Syria, so IC must have been established on the ground where Daesh had been defeated, and they must have been held accountable on their crimes.

SDF saved the whole world from danger of Daesh

Sara stressed that Daesh posed a great threat to the whole world and no one could stand in the face of this organization, which killed and committed crimes in the name of the Islamic religion, but thanks to the resistance of the People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ), the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Kobani children and martyrs, Rojava and the whole world got liberated from the danger of Daesh, and free and safe life was established in the liberated areas.

She continued, "In the war against Daesh, many people and families have been arrested by Daesh mercenaries and the fate of some of them is still unknown as their families are still looking for them. Perhaps Daesh mercenaries have hidden them in some places or they have been killed, so it is important to establish an international tribunal in this period to find those persons who have been arrested by Daesh mercenaries."

World states must support AA

Sara Khalil referred to the importance of establishing an international court to try Daesh mercenaries noting that if the establishment of an international tribunal was delayed, the risk of Daesh on the world would increase day by day. she added, "At the same time, the wives of IS mercenaries say that they will grow up their children to revive the organization again in the area. Therefore, it is necessary to expedite the establishment of an international tribunal to try the mercenaries and their families on the ground where many of their children martyred by these mercenaries."



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