Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the youth leader of the Kurdish Democratic Peace Party Ahmed Ibrahim, who was formerly a member of the Kurdish National Council, and withdrew from him about a month ago on the importance of the initiative launched by the Kurdistan National Congress to unite the ranks of Kurds in Rojava.

"The initiative is timely, it is time for convergence of views, it is time for reunification in the Kurdish house and unite the ranks of the Kurds, it is time to have a unified stance towards our enemies.”

The Kurdish National Congress in Rojava, called for a consultative meeting to unify the political movement in Rojava. The conference consisted a five-member committee, which discussed with the Kurdish parties in Rojava without exception to create the conditions for a Kurdish consultative meeting.

"We hope that the Kurdish political parties, which do not want to unite the views of the Kurdish people, should reconsider it and be at the good of the Kurdish people, because the stage we are going through is crucial, the enemies are awaiting the chance for launching attack, so they must clarify their position in a brotherly spirit, and contribute to the success of the of Kurdistan National Congress."

With regard to the refusal of some Kurdish political parties to the initiative, Ibrahim stressed that some parties that do not call for the unity of the Kurdish row have personal interests, and linked to the so-called coalition, and there are other political parties that do not have a decision and a valid position, so do not want to unite visions of political parties and Kurdish political reference will be formed. These political parties will not have a place among the Kurdish people. "

"History will not forgive the political parties that will not participate in the initiative launched by Kurdistan National Congress, and then the Kurdish people will have a wise decision towards them and will be held accountable," said Ahmed Ibrahim, a youth official for the Kurdish Democratic Peace Party.