HRE revealed record of fighter martyred in Shera of Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) media center issued a statement in which it revealed the record of the martyr Heqi who was martyred in Shera district of Afrin canton.

The statement of HRE media center noted:

"We honor and remember Comrade Heqi who was martyred in Shera district of Afrin canton

Our Comrade Heqi Qarer was martyred on August 9th 2019 in the Shera region by artillery-fire from the invading Turkish army and their affiliated jihadist gangs.

Comrade Heqi was born into a patriot family in the Shera region of Afrin. After the occupation of Afrin by the invading Turkish army and their jihadist gangs, he was influenced by the resistance against the occupation and joined our ranks. Comrade Heqi continued his great struggle against the occupation of Afrin with a huge determination and willpower until the very end. Comrade Heqi carried out the responsibilities he took upon himself in the resistance with great determination.

The identity of our fallen comrade is as follows:


Nom de`guerre: Heqi Qarer

Full Name: Hesen Iso

Mother's Name: Henife

Father's Name: Tel’et

Place of birth: Afrin | Shera | Metina village

Date and place of martyrdom: Afrin | Shera | August 9th 2019, village of Merenaz

Afrin Liberation Forces | August 10th 2019


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