HRE reveal outcome of their operations in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) revealed the outcome of its operations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin, and confirmed the martyrdom of one of its fighters and the injury of civilians in the shelling of the Turkish occupation on the Shirawa District.

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) issued today a statement to the public revealing the outcome of its operations against the occupation in Afrin.

The statement said:

"The outcome of our troops' operations during the period from 1 to 10 August

Our forces have succeeded during the past period through its qualitative operations and resistance in directing the painful blows to the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries who are trying, through the practice of various kinds of violations and attacks against our people in Afrin to annihilate all the values ​​and geography of the region. In Afrin, every mercenary group has its own laws and customs in the practice of abuses, from kidnapping civilians to physical liquidation. These violations emphasize that these mercenary groups violate all international norms, laws and basic human rights charters. Front of this, our forces emphasize increasing their operations and raising the level of resistance.

The unity of our national people, especially the youth and their support of the resistance, contributed to raising the level of operations and turning the battles waged by our forces into qualitative operations against the occupation. In this regard, we declare to the public the outcome of our operations.

Number of military operations: 14 various operations, including 7 face-to-face clashes.

Number of enemy ground attacks: 1, where our fighters confronted them.

Number of enemy attacks with heavy weapons: 9 attacks.

Number of enemy attacks by reconnaissance aircraft: 1 single attack.

The number of enemy aircraft flying overhead: 5 times, including 4 reconnaissance aircraft and 1 helicopter.

The death toll of the occupation and its mercenaries: 72 dead, including 10 Turkish soldiers.

Number of wounded and mercenaries: 19 wounded, including 8 Turkish soldiers, two of them high-ranking officers.

The number of enemy military vehicles destroyed by our forces: 1 tank. 4 cars, including two equipped with heavy weapons. 2 Motorcycles. One vehicle used to transport military equipment.

Quantity and types of weapons captured by our forces: 9 AK-47, 2 PKM, 1 B7, 1 Sniper, 1 binocular, 1 Termal, 20 AK-47 Large quantity of PKM shots, 2 mobile, 4 pieces B7 shells with its fillings and bag, 2 military bags, a large number of documents and military cards.

During the resistance operations and confronting the occupation attacks, one of our fighters was martyred, five civilians from the same family were injured during the Turkish occupation attacks and shelling of civilian areas in Soghanka village of Shirawa district.



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