​​​​​​​HPG warns of "serious risks" to KDP's forces advance in Guerrilla regions

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement about the news recently published on the media outlets about the progress of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's forces in the Guerrilla areas, and said: "Such attempts to advance towards the Guerrilla areas bring with them serious risks."

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces said in its statement: "In recent days, media outlets reported that the Kurdistan Democratic Party's forces are heading towards the Guerrilla forces' centers in Başûr Kurdistan. We see that these movements have increased in particular in Gari region close to Agrî and Amediyah districts.

On October 25, 2020, the aforementioned forces wanted to station in the Guerrilla areas located on Agrî borders located at the same time in Gari area, and build barriers. In order to prevent the advance of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's forces from the Guerrilla's areas, our Guerrilla forces present in the area issued an appropriate alert. On the same day at 22:30, the Turkish occupation's warplanes bombed the area.

We say to our patriotic people in the region and Başûr Kurdistan that these attempts bring with them serious risks. Therefore, we appeal to our people and the Kurdish people to realize the sensitivity of the situation to stop the advance of these forces."



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