HPG carried out operation against Turkish occupation in Gabar

HPG and YJA Star carried out an operation against the Turkish occupation army in Gabar, Bakur Kurdistan, resulted in killing eight Turkish soldiers.


The HPG's Media Center issued a statement on the operation carried out in Gabar of Bakur Kurdistan.

 The statement pointed out that at 07:00 on the morning of the 21st of March, the Turkish occupation army launched an unmanned aerial vehicle attack and helicopter gunships attacked Sipiviyan in the area of Gabar, which belongs to Şernax of  Bakur "northern Kurdistan," the statement  said" within the revolutionary campaign for the martyr Dalal Amed, and the martyrs of Basta, HPG carried out operation at 17:00 on the same day against a unit of the Turkish occupation army was involved in the attack, and resulted in the killing of two Turkish soldiers.

The statement also said that "at 16:45 on March 22, YJA STAR carried out a practical operation on the hill of Sipiviyan in Gabar area, where the Turkish occupation took the command of the attack. 6 members of the Turkish occupation army killed, and after the operation, the Turkish occupation army transferred the dead and wounded from the region."

"At 20:00 the Turkish occupation army was forced to withdraw its troops from the area, and this attack did not result in any injuries to our forces," the statement said.



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