How will Syrian refugees be repatriated?

Berîvan Khalid said that the process of returning the displaced "will include women and children, relying on the guarantees of tribal sheikhs in the area."

On the sidelines of the lengthy meeting held between the Autonomous Administration delegation of North and East Syria and the management of Al-Hol camp yesterday in the camp located east of the center of Al-Hasakah canton, 45 km. In an exclusive statement to our agency ANHA, the co-chair of the Executive Council of North and East of Syria Berîvan Khalid talked about the outcome of the meeting and its importance.

At the beginning of her statement, Berîvan pointed to the reasons that led the administration to make this decision. On May 3, the Syrian Clans Forum held a meeting in Ain Issa under the auspices of MSD which focused on the need to return displaced women and children to their homes in the north and east Syria, pledged to work on the return of displaced persons who have no links with mercenaries and with terrorist groups in response to the demands of tribal sheikhs. "

On the basis of the commitment adopted by the leaders of the northern and eastern clans of Syria, we moved to respond to these outputs. On this basis, many meetings were held between us and the management of the camps, the outcome was the formation of a committee to study proposals for the return of women and children who are from the areas of northern and eastern Syria only of the displaced people currently living in camps, especially the camp of Al-Hol, and reached decisions to return and the way to return to their areas and villages.

On the basis of the principles that will be adopted for the return of the displaced, Khalid noted that the decisions taken in this regard are "the return of women and children from northern and eastern Syria who have been displaced to the camps of Autonomous Administration due to the battles that took place in their areas. , Is to rely on the guarantees of tribal sheikhs, in addition to those who have not been found guilty of links to terrorist organizations based on investigations by the competent security authorities.

"The process of starting the procedures for the return of displaced people will be launched on Saturday by the security authorities and the management of the camp, and the first batch will be before Eid al-Fitr," she added.



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