Houthis digging trenches, planting mines in Hodeida

Houthi forces have intensified digging trenches and planting mines in the vicinity of Hodeida airport.

Sources in the Sky News reported that the Houthi forces intensified their movements and the digging of more trenches and laying of mines, in addition to pushing reinforcements to the city of Hodeida, west of the country.

The Houthis carried out these excavations and trenches around Hodeida airport from all sides, which is still under their control.

They also planted various types of mines and improvised explosive devices, in all buildings located around and adjacent to the airport campus.

Houthis' movements in Hodeida city coincide with the continued escalation in the districts of Tahita, Hays and Beit al-Faqih by bombing the positions of the Yemeni army, supported by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, and pushing for more reinforcements.

All this escalation and movements of Houthis come a few days after the United Nations' declaration of the implementation of the Houthis withdrawal of their forces from the ports of Hodeida, Saleif and Ras Issa, which the Yemeni government denied its occurrence, describing what happened as a "comic play."



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