Heavy shelling between Syrian Regime, mercenaries west of Aleppo City

Since 21:30 on Sunday, neighborhoods west of Aleppo have witnessed fierce shelling between the Syrian regime and mercenary groups with heavy weapons and rockets.

ANHA correspondents from Aleppo reported that al-Rashideen neighborhood, al-Learmon roundabout, Kafr Hamra town and Seknet al-Muhallab in Mesaken al-Sabil neighborhood and the industrial zone “Sheikh Najjar and Ramousa” witnessed intensive shelling between the Syrian regime and the mercenary groups of Turkey, which use surface-to-surface missiles. Rocket launchers, artillery shells.

This came in conjunction with the Syrian regime to send military vehicles loaded with artillery as a support from the neighborhood of the way to the military points, and coincided with the regime's shelling of the town of Kafr Owaid south of Idlib.

The neighborhoods are still being bombarded without any information on the extent of the losses.

It is noteworthy that the town of Kafr Hamra, where mercenary groups are located, is 7 kilometers from the center of Aleppo city.



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