Health Authority: Recent test is property for all humanity

 The Health Authority in northeastern Syria has noted that their discovery of a " fast testing" of the Covid-19 is property for all humanity and made it clear, its readiness to support any country in the world that wishes to take the test. 

 The Health Authority in northeastern Syria uncovered a rapid test for detecting the coronavirus in 30 seconds following joint efforts between the Health Authority in the northeastern of Syria and a Swedish Institute, during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Department of the Foreign Relations in Qamishlo yesterday.  

Covid-19, which is a global epidemic, has become the primary concern for all medical centers and laboratories in the world. Most health centers in the world have focused their efforts to find tests that will reveal early the infection which has claimed thousands of lives worldwide, with numbers reaching till March 20, 10,038 dead people and another 246,275 had been infected. Some initial drugs had been available for treatment.

Among the health centers that have put in place all their efforts to detect the virus, the Health Authority of the northeastern Syria that has been able to achieve a global medical breakthrough ; a test that detects Covid-19 infection in 30 seconds.

The test was carried on 68 people in Wuhan, China

The discovered test, was carried out in cooperation with the Swedish Institute " PIS ". It was tested on a number of suspects in the areas of northeastern Syria by the Health Authority. It gave amazing results, as the Swedish Institute sent "Kid" to the city of Wuhan, China, the center of the  coronavirus outbreak . According to the co-chair of the Health Authority , Jiwan Muhammed, the test gave amazing results (up to 85%).

Muhamed noted to our agency, ANHA that the Health Authority and the Swedish Institute have been conducting joint research for more than a year and a half. More recently their research has focused on the coronavirus that has claimed thousands of lives. He noted that as a result of extensive research, the  " test " gave positive results.

Muhammed also pointed out that the test can detect the virus very early, i.e. before the appearance of symptoms of the virus unlike the recent tests that need days to detect the disease. He indicated that the cost is not high. "The most important thing here is that the test can detect the infection within 30 seconds," he said.

"The test was carried on some people in the northeastern regions of Syria and gave negative results (i.e. no infection).  The tests were sent to Wuhan Province of China through the Swedish Institute and were tested at 3 hospitals and gave good results of 85%.

"Any country in the Middle East can communicate with the Health Authority in northeastern Syria and will be given it. Any country in the world that wishes to take the test will be supported by the Swedish Institute," he said.

 Muhammed stressed that their test belongs to all humanity and is not for trade. He also stressed that no international organization has supported the health reality in the region, saying: "We need support in all respects to develop our research to put it in the service of all humanity."



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