​​​​​​​Head of Kurdistan Green Party (KDP) : who benefits from ENKS policies?

The head of the Kurdistan Green Party, Luqman Ahmei,  criticized the policies of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) on the issue of Kurdish unity, and stressed that ENKS is evading Kurdish unity.

" Severla initiatives have been launched recently  including the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress –Rojava committee on January 1, 2019, under which committees were formed to discuss with Kurdish powers and parties, "Unfortunately, the ENKS parties did not respond to this initiative."

"We were having hope that the SDF commander-in-chief's initiative would succeed, but it has not been successful yet, because those who have evaded the KNC initiative are now evading the forces initiative as well," he said.

"There are always Kurdish political powers and parties that evade national unity and resistance. When  will these forces and parties come?  when the revolution wins, and everyone wins their rights, they change their direction and join the revolution, as happened in Bashor," he said.

ENKS relations are deep with the Turkish State.

Kurdistan." "During the popular uprising in Bashor kurdistan in 1991, there was a group known as al-Jahoush and the Iraqi regime used them against the rebels; after the victory of the revolution, "With the regional powers recognizing the legitimacy of Bashor, al-Jahoush joined the Kurdistan administration of Bashor." Ahmei recalled some groups that obstructed the efforts of the Kurdish unity.

"Some parties are in Rojava, like al-Jahoush," he added.

 On the February 19 meeting between the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Causoglu and representatives of the Kurdish National Council, which beat the voices of the Kurdish people who came to unite the Kurdish ranks against the wall.

 "The more the Autonomous Administration takes great steps diplomatically and achieves recognition, the relationship between the Kurdish National Council and Turkey deepens," Ahmei said.

"Before now, the Kurdish National Council was communicating with the Turkish intelligence through the Syrian coalition, and then it communicates directly without intermediary.  Now they are sitting with Turkish Foreign Minister, and as the Autonomous Administration project develops, it is unlikely that Erdogan will receive himself as members of the Kurdish National Council."

For the benefit of whom does  ENKS work.... For the Kurdish people or for the Turkish state?

He noted that everyone should realize that what the National Council is doing serves the enemy, and said: "The question is: Who do the meetings of the Kurdish National Council with Turkish officials serve? Does it serve the interests of the people or the personal interests of the enemy? Or are they giving legitimacy to the enemy that is carrying out attacks on the Kurdish people and their gains. The Kurdish people should not look emotionally at things and look at them with their correct perspective, because the main issue is that there is a project of resistance and struggle, and another project is the project of surrendering to the Turkish occupation state."

Kurdish unity is possible without ENKS .

0n whether it is possible to establish a national unity without the Kurdish National Council, Ahmei explained: "Everyone is eager for comprehensive national unity, but it has not been achieved in any country, there are always revolutionary forces and hostile forces, and when the revolutionary forces win, the hostile forces are fused into society. Somehow," he said.



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