Hawar News Agency’s daily 2-9-2019

- Following up the resistance of the age in its second phase, and following up the situation of the people of Afrin resident in Shahba, and events and activities in support of the resistance to the era.

- Following up on the latest developments in the Turkish occupation army attacks on the territories of northern and eastern Syria and Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and the areas of legitimate defense, and the operations of the People Defense Forces against the Turkish occupation army.

-Turkey has not only targeted the peasants with heavy weapons Today, it also resorted to a water war that caused the flooding of 4,000 hectares of agricultural land(accompanied with photos and videos.)

-The residents of Afrin, who live in camps and semi-destroyed houses in Al-Shahba, condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the districts and center of Afrin. They also stressed their determination to continue the struggle and resistance until the occupation is defeated and return to their homes(accompanied with photos and videos.)

-After the military elimination of ISIS, the SDF is working to strengthen the defense system of the north and east of Syria according to its specificity and composition within the military councils, and the opportunity to engage the people of the region themselves in the management of their military system to protect their region from external and internal threats(accompanied with photos and videos.)


The Euphrates and Al-Jazeera regions are preparing to receive a new school season with many developments in the curricula and teaching methods, opening new branches in universities and preparing qualified teachers during the summer holidays(accompanied with photos and videos.)

Culture and Art

Rumaf Agency, in coordination with the Union of Intellectuals of Afrin, will organize the largest painting, with the participation of two thousand boys and girls from Afrin, through which they will express the Turkish aggression against Afrin, in Serdem camp at 11:00 (accompanied with photos and videos.)

Society and Life

The administration of Al-Awda camp in Shirawa district in Afrin canton has opened several projects and services that have been in the service of the people, while the administration is considering the implementation of the opening of a playground and a garden for children and young people(accompanied with photos and videos.)