Hawar News Agency center plan 8-9-2020

Follow-up of the events in the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

  • Follow-up events and events in northern and eastern Syria.
  • The Internal Security Forces arrested one of the agents, who were recruited by the Turkish intelligence. He confirmed in his confessions that the so-called Syrian National Army was formed from the mercenaries of Al-Nusra Front and ISIS. (Attached with the video and photos).
  • Mahidi El-Daghim explained that assassinating prominent figures is to play on the clan chord, to show that the SDF is unable to protect the region. (Attached with the video and photos).
  • Martyrs' relatives explained that the SDF defended all components of the region and preserved the Syrian territorial integrity. It is the security valve of the unit. They stressed the need to pay attention to malicious rumors and the private war that the Syrian and Turkish intelligence is pursuing to strike the unity of the region's components. (Attached with the video and photos).
  • Fatima Al-Hussein, 70 years old, lives alone in the village of Umm al-Khair, on the lines of contact. She says that the Turkish occupation army destroyed her house, but despite this, she will not abandon it. (Attached with the video and photos).
  • The sheikh of the al-Hawas clan, Abd al-Hay Khalil al-Hamla, affirmed that cohesion in the current circumstances that the region is going through is an imperative that all clans must adhere to, indicating that northern and eastern Syria is targeted by foreign policies to create clan discord that depletes the tribes ’members. (Attached with the video and photos).

Middle East

  • Israel has expanded its bombing of sites it says are affiliated with Iran in Syria, while the Lebanese capital witnessed a state of anger against those directly responsible for the massive explosion in the Beirut port, while Egypt and Greece closed the doors to Turkey in the Mediterranean


  • The war on northern and eastern Syria has taken another turn, but it is not new. This trend has many names, including the "cold, private, psychological, nerve, dirty and soft" war and other terms that depend on indirect methods of conflict through fighting influence.

Culture and art

  • The Federation of Intellectuals of Afrin Region announced the opening of registration to participate in the Martyr Garzan Literary Contest for Youth in its second session. (Attached with the video and photos).

Society and life

  • The Co-presidency of the Health Committee in Al-Hasakah canton, Siham Mulla Ali, “After the spread of the Corona epidemic in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, the people should be aware and not be reckless about this epidemic to limit it and not expand its spread.” (Attached with the video and photos).
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