​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center Plan 1-10-2020

  • Follow-up of the events of northern and eastern Syria.
  • Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.
  • Member of the Kurdish Human Rights Network, Fatima Karimi, confirmed that pressures and arbitrary policies have increased in recent years throughout Iran, but the Kurdish regions remain among the most vulnerable to cultural and political genocide. She pointed out that Kurdish, Arab and Baluch detainees are in danger. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • Abdul Karim Sarokhan noted that the Turkish state tightens isolation to limit the leader role in the region crises and bring peace to the Middle East. He stressed that that peoples, have made Imrali a place of resistance. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • Politicians and families of the martyrs in Girke Lege in order for Turkey to continue imposing isolation on leader Ocalan described it as a strangulation of peace and killing for solutions to the problems of the Middle East, stressing that Turkey is concerned with imposing its control over the region through mercenaries. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • Arab and Kurdish dignitaries called on unity in NE Syria to eliminate the strife that threaten the future of all Syrians. They affirmed that “unity protects our country.” (Attached with photos and video).


  • Jamal Sheikh Baqi expressed his concern over the moves of the Kurdistan Democratic Party on the borders of Rojava would complement the Turkish role by surrounding it. He wished that no one would use the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue as a means to pressure the gains of the Autonomous Administration, and said: “Our concerns and our forced answers will remain correct as long as the region cannot justify this step. ” (Attached with photos and video).
  • Syrian politicians praised the state of cohesion Syrian peoples and components against external interference and occupation, stressing that the unity of history and destiny is a common denominator among all peoples of the region. (Attached with pictures and video).

Culture and art

  • The jury of the Lilon International Film Festival chose five films, between short, long, documentary and others, to win the festival award, while the Kurdish woman’s model was adopted as a model for the festival’s prize. (Attached with pictures and video).