Hawar News Agency Center daily plan 10/24-2020

Follow-up of the events in NE Syria.

  • Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria
  • The Women’s Department in Al-Raqqa is holding the first Furatan Women’s Festival under the slogan "With the Colors of our Components ... our Heritage Flourishes," at 10:00 in the Al-Raqqa Municipal Stadium (attached with the video and photos).
  • People of Qamishlo canton remember the martyr Beritan, on the 36th anniversary of the commando operation that they carried out, at 11:00. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • The Co-chair of the Yazidi House in the Al-JazEErah region, Al-Hasaka branch, Farouk Tozo, expressed the Rojava Yazidis support to the Yezidis in Signal, and considered Hawler-Baghdad agreement regarding Şingal as incompatible with the sacrifices of the people of the region. (Attached with the video and photos).
  • Members of the Union of Intellectuals of Al-Jazeerah Region expressed their rejection of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) request to cancel Kurdish and said: “The ENKS seeks to sabotage the foundations of Kurdish unity.” (Attached with the video and photos).


  • The past week witnessed a retreat of the Turkish occupation in Syria, as it began to dismantle its besieged points by the Syrian government forces, after threats and intimidation, while Egypt, Greece and Cyprus pledged to confront Turkish provocations, while the Lebanese crisis moved from a knot of assignment to authorship.


  • She refused to surrender, and with a cry of "No to betrayal," she carried out a guerrilla operation and revealed the true face of the traitors, and thus recorded the history of the resistance woman in the face of betrayal and enemies .. She is the Fedayeen Beritan.


  • Since Turkey’s occupation of Syrian areas, the occupying state has been working to Turkify the occupied areas by spreading the Turkish and change the region demography, and the last step of opening institutes to teach Turkish in the city of Girê Spî / Tal Abyad was a stark evidence of Turkish policies.

Society and life

  • The Syrian families living in Al-Hol camp were divided over the Autonomous Administration’s decision to leave the camp, so some of them want to leave, while the bulk of them do not want their own circumstances, while the camp administration confirmed that the services provided to the families will remain unchanged. (Attached with the video and photos).