Hashtag accuses Turkey of trading Syrian refugee women, demands ceasing practices

A hashtag calling on the Turkish authorities to stop trafficking Syrian refugee women in Turkey by exploiting their circumstances and forcing them to marry has been launched.

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, millions of Syrians have sought refuge in neighboring countries, but most of them chose Turkey to escape the scourge of war. Erdogan government, which received billions of dollars in return for refugees on its territory, began deporting those who were no longer useful to it and keeping those who are, and exploiting it for maximum gains, whether political, economic or even personal.

The Turkish authorities, which pretended sympathy and support for the refugees, repeatedly waved the refugees' paper against Europe for aid, but it soon revealed its other side by exploiting them internally and externally, especially women, until a revolution erupted at Twitter under #TurkeyTrafickingSyrianWomen.

Hashtag calls on the Turkish authorities to stop trafficking in Syria and not to exploit their circumstances, and demanded participants, in the hashtag, rights organizations to intervene to stop the Turkish trafficking of Syrian women, according to Sky News.

Several international media reports have spoken of this issue for years, such as a 2017 Times report and other 2016 World Press reports.

All reports speak of exploiting and marrying Syrian women in a manner similar to the sale process. German reports also spoke of the exploitation of children and minors.

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