Hamo: Escalation in Zîne Wartê threatens entire of Kurdistan

Member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Shukri Hamo said that Turkey's goal of escalating tensions in the areas of Zîne Wartê  is to divide the region and "destroy what was built in Başûr of Kurdistan". Hamo called on the Kurdish parties to confront these plans.

As KDP's movements in Zîne Wartê of Başûr raised the concern of Kurdish public opinion, the Turkish occupation army continues to shell various areas in Başûr.

Political and social circles in Kurdistan believe that the Turkish occupation state is seeking to create an internal conflict between the Kurds, with the aim of achieving its objectives in occupying Kurdistan.

Member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Hamo spoke to our agency about the escalation in Zîne Wartê  and said that what is happening is a purely Turkish plan. This was confirmed through the Turkish occupation bombing the camp of Martyr Rustam Jodi, amid international silence about the Turkish shelling of unarmed civilians in Başûr.

The Turkish state is seeking to take control of Başûr and tighten the stranglehold on Rojava. He noted the Turkish state has sought to control the areas of Zîne Wartê that since the beginning of the 1990s "with the aim of dividing Başûr and creating a rift between the Kurdish parties,  especially with the presence of many Turkish bases there".

"The escalation will lead to a rift in the Kurdish movement, so the Turkish state is also trying to control  Şengal to clamp down on Rojava," Hamo said.

"The Kurdish  parties must face these plans, because the enemy is fighting by all means to eliminate the Kurdish people, so it is the duty of Kurdish parties to prepare and thwart these plans," Hamo said.

"The problem in that area must be solved politically and diplomatically because Turkey aims at  eliminating all the gains of the Kurdish people. This is what we saw through their support for terrorist organizations, especially ISIS," Hamo said.

The goal is to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan

Hamo noted that the Turkish state targets not only Başûr of Kurdistan, but also the gains of the Kurdish people in other parts. This was reflected in its plans against Rojava and its occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and change the demographics of Afrin." "Turkey's goal of escalating is to divide the region and destroy what has been built in Başûr," he said.

"The escalation will negatively affect the situation in Rojava, because the Kurdish parts are linked to each other, and Kurdistan is one body and divided into parts according to the interests of the colonial powers," Hamo said.

Shukri Hammou, member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, appealed to all Kurdish parties to achieve unity to form a reference and to convene a Kurdish conference to form a political reference in Rojava, resolve differences and counter the plans of the Turkish state."

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