Hamo: Any military escalation affecting on Syrian settlement

Farhad Hamo pointed out that Idlib file is the hottest in the Syrian file as a result of the gathering of a large number of terrorists in that region, indicating that any escalation affects the political process in Syria.

Since the beginning of May, Idlib has witnessed an escalation between the regime's forces and the Turkish-backed mercenary gangs, the most violent since the signing of the Sochi agreement signed between Russia and Turkey in mid-September last year.

As to the impact of the escalation in the north-western region of Syria on the political settlement, Hawar news agency has met with a member of the Public Relations Bureau of the Syria Democratic Council (SDC) Farhad Hamo.

"Nine years after the Syrian crisis, there were no serious international initiatives to solve it. The various initiatives launched in this regard, whether in Geneva or Astana, excluded the active forces on the ground, especially the representatives of the north and east of Syria," Hamo said.

He added: "This exclusion affects in one way or another the seriousness of these initiatives, and therefore do not take into account the interests of the Syrian people during these international meetings, primarily to cover the interests of the sponsors of these initiatives and the sharing of influence among them on the Syrian territory.

Hamo said that any military escalation affects the political settlement, and contributes to increase the rift in the Syrian society, and leads to more bloodshed, and added "This is what we see in any escalation by the fighting forces on Syrian geography."

Hamo pointed out that "the Idlib file is one of the hottest points in the Syrian file, as a result of the gathering of a large number of terrorists in that region, in addition to the presence of nearly 3 million civilians and the presence of international parties," Iranian, Russian and Turkish, "and these forces are those who contributed to the" Astana "and contributed to shaping the region.

"The presence of these forces and a large number of civilians complicates the situation in the city of Idlib and every escalation of these forces pays the price of the civilians living in this area, in addition to the existence of other dangerous files. Intelligence, especially the Turkish state, taking advantage of any military escalation of demographic change, through the deportation of civilians from their areas and settling in other areas.

Hamo commented on the American raids that targeted a meeting of religious guards" Horas al-Din" in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo. "These are more symbolic raids than practical ones. This is a message that contributes to increase the tension between Russia and Turkey, and I think it comes as a result of Russian-American coordination in the first instance, because of the separation lines in the atmosphere between the US and Russian forces on Syrian territories.



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