"Had war been imposed on us, we will defend our gains, people"

The people of Tal Hamis expressed their rejection of the attacks that Erdogan is threatening to launch on the north and east of Syria, indicating " Had war been imposed on us, the people will defend their land, their people, their gains and the security achieved by the great sacrifices made by the people of the region.

In the light of the repeated threats that the leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Erdogan launches against the north and east of Syria demanding the establishment of a safe area along the border line of northern and eastern Syria, under the pretext of the security of his country, Turkish government should help us defeat terrorism, not threaten and disarm the security and safety for which we have provided thousands of martyrs and wounded. "

"For four years we have been living in freedom, security and tranquility by virtue of the Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) sacrifices, Erdogan; however, threatens us to attack our areas," said Ali al-Ayesh from the village of al-Na'im in Tel Hamis.

ISIS mercenaries occupied Tel Hamis in late 2014 and practiced against the people of the region the most inhumane practices; the People's Protection Units(YPG) and the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) were able to liberate the district from ISIS in February 2015 following the pleas of the people to rid them of ISIS.

Ali al-Ayesh explained that they were liberated from ISIS thanks to the YPG and the SDF, and organized themselves according to the principles of the democratic nation and the system of the Autonomous Administration. Ali addressing the whole world said, "Do you accept Erdogan's threats against our regions? We are living in safety and stability, we would not allow our children and women to be killed again."

Mohammed al-Shammari, one of the residents of Tal Hamis indicated that the components of the region liberated the region from ISIS and all the mercenary factions, and said: "We suffered a lot until we reached this stage."

On Turkey's threats, al-Shammari said: "Turkey is a neighboring country, and we expected it to help defeat terrorism, not to threaten or attack us and raise concerns our people, who have provided more than 11,000 martyrs and 25,000 wounded.

"We have resisted the world's most powerful terrorist organization, ISIS, and are ready to resist Erdogan or others. We have achieved our freedom by resisting and we will preserve it for our children," he said.

Abdul-Muhsin al-Mutlaq, a notable from the town of Abu Jorn in the district of Tel Hamis, said: "Our martyrs sacrificed for our security and stability, and we reject the threats of Erdogan, and the efforts of our people, fighters and national cohesion of our regions, Erdogan will not be able to restore his Ottoman glories."

Al-Mutlaq noted that Erdogan, through his claims about the safe area, is trying to introduce armed gangs to destabilize the region as he did in Afrin.

Al-Mutlaq concluded saying that the people have become tired of wars, but if imposed on them, the people will defend their land, people, gains and security as hard as they can.



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