Global Coalition: Goal of US-Turkish patrol in Syria is to allay Ankara's security concerns

The Global Coalition against ISIS announced on Sunday that the first joint patrol carried out by the United States and Turkey in the north and east of Syria was to dispel Ankara's fears for its security, stressing that the YPG fulfilled its obligations and withdrew from the region.

In a statement issued by the media office of the Operation Inherent Resolve , led by Washington at the head of a broad Global Coalition in both Syria and Iraq, the US and Turkish military conducted on Sunday the first joint patrol in the "safe zone" in northeast Syria. Between the areas of Tal Abyad / Gire Spi and Ras Al Ain / Srikaniya.

According to the office, the military of the two countries inspected the areas left by the YPG and the women and followed the work of removing the barriers erected by the YPG.

The statement pointed out that the patrol was conducted in order to "ensure security" in the area, in addition to "dispel Turkey's security concerns." It added that the operation was also aimed at supporting the SDF in its efforts to inflict the ultimate defeat of ISIS.

source: Agencies


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