German government spokesman Steven Seibert warned Turkey not to take any attack on north and east Syria and insisted "to act in a very responsible manner," according to the German Deutsche Welle.

The site believes that Turkey is threatening to launch an attack on north and east Syria, and noted that President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw troops in December made this threat closer to reality.

The German Foreign Ministry also commented on the meetings held by US National Security Adviser John Bolton with Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Tuesday, expressing the hope to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict.

However, according to German site, it seems that the meeting was not fruitful. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to meet with Bolton, who came to Turkey to ask for assurances that Turkey would not attack US allies Kurds.

The Associated Press said earlier that Bolton said he was "seeking assurances that Turkey would not attack Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria, which have allied themselves with the US in the war against ISIS."

Bolton stressed that the "Condition" of US withdrawal from north and east Syria is to ensure the security of Syrian Democratic Forces.