Geir- Biderson: Ceasefire in Syria is more urgent than ever

Geir- Biderson, UN special envoy to Syria stressed the need for a ceasefire in Syria, nationwide, to enable its war-weary citizens to access the equipment and resources needed to combat the corona pandemic, while Turkey continues its attacks on north and east Syria.

During a briefing to the Security Council, via video, yesterday, Wednesday, Geir- Biderson stressed that "we cannot tolerate the hostilities that will surely lead to another increase in vulnerable displaced communities, we cannot tolerate this scenario before the outbreak of the pandemic."

Biderson informed the Security Council that he was talking to a group of key players involved in the talks to end the civil war, facilitate progress on the political track and maintain ceasefire arrangements.

Biderson also reported that there was a "fragile calm" in the north, with risks of escalation looming, such as the return of ISIS mercenaries, and Israeli air strikes in Homs and Damascus, which were reported on Monday.

Despite the announcement of the small number of 42 cases of coronavirus in all of Syria, Biderson stressed the importance of monitoring the situation in the coming weeks.

He explained that "the health care system is deteriorating in some areas and destructive in others," stressing the need for "the full, sustainable and unimpeded access of humanitarian assistance."

Biderson repeated his call for "a national ceasefire and made all-out efforts to ensure Syrians across the country have the equipment and resources to combat and treat Covid-19." He offered to work with all "concerned players on the ground" and influential nations.

Despite repeated calls, Turkey continues its attacks on the north and east regions of Syria on a daily basis.

According to the UN envoy, working together with a joint effort to support calm and broaden the response to the pandemic is "the only responsible way" and stressed that "there is no military solution to the Syrian crisis."

Biderson concluded his speech by saying: "We must work based on our common humanity, and help build confidence ... to move towards a political settlement that can meet the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people."




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