Gaza prepares for a new march

The Palestinians are preparing to participate in the " the Syrian Golan " Friday march, on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, the official Tasnim news agency reported.

The Supreme National Commission for ending the siege, called on the people of Gaza to participate in the return camps, stressing the continuation of marches until the achievement of all its goals, foremost the end of the siege of Gaza and strike the deal century.

The National Authority stressed the continuation of the march of return and break the siege, and to participate to end the division and achieve national unity.

And stressed the continuation of mass rallies to protect the right of the Palestinians to return despite all the suffering caused by the enemy, in addition to lifting the siege and breaking it and to emphasize that the right to a decent life without obstacles and unjust blockade lasted for more than 12 years.

The commission called on the citizens to go to the march in the eastern Gaza Strip, to achieve the goals that was launched for.



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