Gabrel: Unknown sources fired a missile at Turkey to create strife, we investigate it

Spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces Keno Gabrel confirmed that unknown parties, in order to create strife and harm the region, fired a shell from northern Syria that landed on the town of Jilan land inside the Turkish territory and that they are investigating the matter.

This came through a statement issued by SDF, in which it said:

"On Monday evening, July 22, an incident occurred when an unknown shell was fired from inside Syrian territory towards the town of Jilan Banar inside Turkey, resulting in civilian casualties.

This provocative act was carried out by unknown people who wish to create sedition and damage stability in the region.

The Syrian Democratic Forces and the security forces are currently conducting investigations to uncover the source of the shell and the persons associated with the incident.

We also wish speedy recovery for the wounded.



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