Future Syria Party explains its vision of border security mechanism, constitutional committee

Tomorrow, the Future Syria Party explains its vision of the of the Constitutional Committee to be formed along with the latest developments regarding the border security mechanism.

The party is organizing a mass ceremony in the north east al-Raqqa city, tomorrow.

It is scheduled to deliver speeches during the celebration of the party's head, Ibrahim al-Kaftan and the Secretary-General of the party, Hafrin Khalaf.

The speeches will highlight on the party's ideas and objectives as well as an explanation of the political developments taking place in Syria, especially with regard to the mechanism of border security between SDF and Turkey mediated by the United States.

The speeches will also focus the issue of the Constitutional Committee, of which the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria remains excluded, according to Muthanna Abdel Karim, head of the Future Syria branch of al-Tabqa area.




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