Former deputy: AKP not to dream of 30% of electorate

Turkish  former MP from the opposition Republican People's Party, Abdellatif Cener, confirmed that the percentage of the AKP’s vote in any upcoming elections will decrease to less than 30% of the votes.

Konya state lawmaker and former finance minister in then-Najmuddin Erbakan's government and Erdogan's deputy when he was prime minister and one of the founders of the Justice and Development Party before he resigned, said in press statements on Saturday, "According to surveys, the vote percentage is about 30 percent, but in my opinion, 30 percent is a dream for the AKP, and I don't think this government will last. "

He also pointed out that "it appears that the current situation changed the data, not only for the opposition and its supporters, but also for those who vote for the Justice and Development Party."

He added, "People say that if my hands were broken before I voted, it seems that this is really the case in Konya, which greatly supported AKP in the past, so I think 30% is a dream for the ruling party, I think this government will leave."



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