​​​​​​​Farnaz Attia: Turkey wants through isolation on Ocalan to achieve its expansionist goals

Political scientist Farnaz Attia said that Turkey, by imposing isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, is trying to break the Kurds' thorn and curb their struggle, in order to achieve expansionist goals, and its attempt to change the geopolitical map in its favor in light of the current regional and international conditions.

This came during a meeting conducted by Hawar news agency (ANHA) with the researcher in political science, PH.D. Farnaz Attia, regarding the isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Farnaz, at the beginning of her talk, did not rule out that the outbreak of fire on the island of Imrali, in which leader Abdullah Ocalan is being arrested, was a fabricated and action-related event, or that there was a relationship of the Turkish authorities with this event.

She said: "The fire raises suspicions about something, and indicates that the Turkish authorities are trying to hide something, or obscure facts about the health situation and the safety of Mr. Ocalan, or indications of complicity in an alleged accident that has political reasons behind."

She pointed out that Turkey is trying to undermine the Kurds, curb their struggle, with the aim of achieving expansionist goals for Turkey, and its attempt to change the geopolitical map in its favor in light of the current regional and international conditions.

Attia noted that the recent Turkish practices against the leader are part of an attempt to undermine the struggle of the Kurds, under the pretext of ensuring the stability of its borders and national security, due to its fear that the success of the experiment in northern Syria may lead in the future to a similar experience in Turkey.

Farnaz Attia, PH.D., a political scientist, said at the end of her speech that Turkey is trying to impose more isolation on Mr. Ocalan in persistent attempts to weaken the Kurds, impose isolation on them, disturb their case, and end it if possible.

It should be noted that on the 27th of last February, a suspicious fire broke out in the forest of Imrali Island, where the Turkish state has been holding leader Abdullah Ocalan for more than 21 years.

As the Human Rights Office published a short statement on Tuesday, on its official page on Twitter, in which he said: "We announce to the public opinion that a meeting took place between our clients, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, Omar Hayri Kunar, Wessi Aktash, and their families in Imrali Prison."



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