Executive Council of Afrin region congratulates Afrin people on Eid al-Fitr

The Executive Council of Afrin region congratulated Eid al-Fitr to Afrin people and the martyrs’ families who continue to resist in the face of all violations and crimes of the Turkish occupation, and the difficult conditions they are going through.

This came through a written statement issued by the Executive Council of Afrin region regarding the advent of Eid al-Fitr, in which it said:

"Afrin displaced people in al-Shahba areas with al-Shahba people and refugees derive many values ​​of patience, harmony, interdependence, persistence and trust in victory from the month of Ramadan and the martyrs’ legacy.

From fasting, they learned the strength of endurance, patience, faith and love of others, and that falsehood is fleeting and truth is victorious.

From the legacy of the martyrs, they learned insistence, sacrifice and struggle until victory is achieved.

Armed with those values ​​and morale, our people continue to face the schemes of the Turkish state and its mercenaries that are proceeding with their aggressive approach in Syria and towards the neighboring countries in a desperate attempt to restore the hegemony of the Ottoman Empire which left behind four hundred years of ignorance, poverty and discord, in addition to evading their stifling economic, political and social crises.

The Justice and Development Government (AKP), led by Erdogan, lost with its insistence on chauvinism and subversive policies the social and political incubation, entered the Turkish economy in a real dilemma and connected the Turkish state to be a state violating the international law and diplomatic political ethics.

On the other hand, the Syrian crisis continues amid major challenges from the biological represented by the spread of the Corona virus epidemic and economic because of the continuing conflict and economic sanctions, the collapse of the Syrian pound, the possibility of imposing more sanctions and the absence of a political solution insisted on by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria which provided a road map to resolve the crisis based on the internal dialogue and giving all components of Syria their political and cultural rights.

We congratulate for this noble occasion the Islamic nation, the whole world, the martyrs’ families and our displaced people in al-Shahba regions with our wishes that peace, love and building will prevail in democratic and decentralized Syria."


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