European delegation meets officials of MSD, Autonomous Administration

The European delegation, which arrived in northern Syria today, visited the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in the area of Ain Issa. During the visit, the delegation met with officials and discussed several important issues concerning the region.

A number of European parliamentarians, researchers and journalist Thomas Seifert arrived in northern and eastern Syria from the border crossing of Semelka with the Kurdistan region.

The delegation began its tour in the north and east of Syria by visiting MSD and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Ain Issa district of Girê Spî in the Euphrates region.

The delegation was received at the headquarters of the Democratic Council of Syria by the Co-Chair of the Council, Amina Omar, Deputy of Executive Council Hikmet Habib and members of the Office of Relations Farhad Ahmi and Jian Mulla, member of the Presidential Council Laila Kahraman and Amal Dada, the Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Department.

The delegation discussed the issues related to the region, especially the fight against terrorism and its total elimination, the Turkish threats to the safe and secure areas of northern and eastern Syria, and the political process to resolve the Syrian crisis.

During the discussion, the delegation discussed with the officials of the implementation of the Autonomous Administration experience and the participation of all the components and peoples of the region in them and their representation in all aspects of the administration and MSD.

The head of the European delegation pointed out that the Turkish side is the obstacle to peace in the region, stressing the need to resume dialogue with the Turkish government to ease tensions and convince them to negotiate with the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) to achieve peace in the region.

The head of the delegation, Joseph, stressed the importance of establishing an international court to try prisoners of Daesh, who committed crimes against all humanity, stressing the need for European support for the establishment of this court, similar to the court of Nuremberg after World War II.

The visit was followed by another visit to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, during which the visiting delegation met with Abdul Hamid Al-Mehbash and Berîvan Khalid. During the visit, the Joint Presidency focused on the nature of the administration's work, structure and duties.

The joint presidency of the Executive Council addressed the issues and conditions of service and achievements achieved by the Autonomous Administration after the damage caused by the destruction during the battle to eliminate Daesh mercenaries.

Speaking to the representatives of the Autonomous Administration, Joseph said that as Europeans they have to help Autonomous Administration to overcome all the problems and difficulties they face, and that the reason for the visit is to learn how to help Autonomous Administration and MSD.

It is worth mentioning that the visit will continue for two days during which the delegation will take many tours in the north and east of Syria. The delegation started a visit to the city of Manbij.



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