Elders of Derik: We to not abandon our land

The Derik area elders rejected the Turkish threats to the north and east of Syria, stressing that the objective of the Turkish occupation of these threats is to eliminate the democratic project in northern and eastern Syria.

The reactions of the social circles are escalating against the Turkish threats targeting the northern and eastern regions of Syria, especially with regard to the efforts to establish a safe area supervised by the Turkish occupation state.

Turkey's goal is to occupy the region

A number of dignitaries from the Derik region spoke to ANHA about the Turkish threats, stressing their rejection of the occupation. General Supervisor of the Council of the Tribes in al-Jazeera Region Hewas al-Jadi said that the plans of the Turkish state in the occupation of the region failed, so now it seeks to hit the democratic project in the north and east of Syria by the buffer zone.

The elimination of Daesh made the Turkish occupation in hysterical mood, because of its inability to implement its plans for the occupation of areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The clans' elders are relying on the strength of the people of the region and SDF to thwart the plans of the Turkish occupation. He stressed that the people support SDF against the Turkish threats on the north and east of Syria, adding "our regions were liberated thanks our martyrs we cannot abandon our home and we refuse any Turkish attack and any Turkish presence in the buffer zone, because the occupation of Afrin is good example, where the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries looted, destructed and settled the displaced people in the homes of the Afrin people."

He called to form a buffer zone under the supervision of the Global Coalition and the United Nations in addition to the participation of SDF in this zone.

Turkey aims to eliminate the Self-Administration project in northern and eastern Syria

Ibrahim al-Shibli, member of the Council of Tribes and Clans, said that the Turkish threats and the mobilization of the forces along the borders of the region is a continuation of the Adana agreement, and that these threats were the result of its failed policy in the region and its support for the terrorist groups that were eliminated.

The failure of Turkey in the elections of major cities, especially Istanbul, led the government of AKP to escalate its threats on areas of northern and eastern Syria to show the Turkish street that its national security at risk from external threats.

Because of the collapse of the Turkish economy and its political failure in the Middle East and the region, Turkey is trying to export its crisis beyond its borders. Therefore, the AKP government threatens daily by media statements to attack the northern and eastern Syria with baseless arguments and fabrications," he said.

Al-Shibli said that establishing of the buffer zone by Turkey is unacceptable because it is an occupation state and this what we have seen in Afrin from looting, massacres and destruction, in fact, the presence of the Turkish occupation pose a danger on the region and all the components of our areas. 

Al-Shibli stressed that the people and north-east of Syria have power on the ground and will not abandon an inch of land that was narrated by the blood of the martyrs, because we have a successful thought, philosophy and policy in the region that united the people on this geographical spot.

"Turkey's goal is to revive the Ottoman Empire and to destroy the project of Democratic Autonomous and the Kurdish people, because this project has become a unique experience in the region," Ibrahim al-Shibli concluded.



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