As Turkish threats continue to the north and east of Syria, social and popular reactions to these threats are increasing. In this context, a number of the elders of clans and dignitaries in Dêrik area told Hawar News Agency about the threats of the Turkish occupation and its claims to liberate the safe areas in northern and eastern Syria.

Head of the House of Elders and Clans in Qamishlo canton and the head of Tai Hewas al-Jedai denounced the Turkish occupation adding that the Turkish aim  is not to liberate the areas of IS because," the Turkish occupation funded terrorist gangs in Syria and opened its borders to these organizations, to hit the project of the democratic nation that united the peoples of northern and eastern Syria."

Al-Jedai added ,"The ambitions of the Turkish occupation in Syria are evident in the annexation of Aleppo to Mosul to the new Ottoman territories and to revive the Ottoman glories in the Middle East by installing the successor of Muslims through the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups."

He stressed that the components and peoples of northern and eastern Syria from Kurd, Arab, Syriac and Yazidi run their areas according to the principle of peoples fraternity and coexistence.

He also noted that all areas in the north and east of Syria are safe under the project of the democratic nation, which united the peoples and became our refuge for displaced people from all the cities and towns of Syria and many of the Iraqi regions, stressing that the claims of the Turkish occupation to liberate areas of north and east of Syria.

On Erdogan's threats to the north and east of Syria, he said, "his threats are just illusions because they oppose the interests of regional and international countries, especially America, Russia, Gulf states and Egypt to intervene in the Syrian affairs and the area."

He also stressed that the people of north and east of Syria realized that the goal of the Turkish occupation is not liberation, as Erdogan claims but it is to blow to the democratic project among the peoples. This was confirmed in the attempt to enter the region of Serê Kaniyê, the massacres against humanity, in Afrin through mercenaries.

He appealed to all the peoples and clans of northern and eastern Syria, especially the political parties, to leave the narrow party differences, to serve the national interest and to stand up to the dangers of the north and east of Syria.

On the other hand, the administrator in the Council of Tribes and Dignitaries in Dêrik area Ismail Jetto spoke of the Turkish efforts to occupy the region, "Since the beginning of the revolution in Rojava and northern and eastern Syria, the Turkish occupation has not stopped its attacks and bombardment of the populated areas, especially with the declaration of the democratic nation project based on the principle of co-existence and peoples fraternity that are a threat to the policy of the AKP."

Jetto said ,"the history of the Ottomans and the Turkish Republic is known for their brutality towards the people in general, and attempts to eliminate the existence of the Kurdish people in particular."

He also said that "after the failure of terrorist gangs to control the areas of northern and eastern Syria and the failure of the Turkish occupation in the implementation of its ambitions, pushed the mercenaries to occupy the areas of al-Bab and Jrablos and recently Afrin through its army and the use of internationally prohibited weapons."