Effort to revive women role via women science's center

The Women's Science Research Committee in the Euphrates region managed, within 3 months, to organize lectures aimed at introducing women to their science, and special courses of women's science had been allocated in the academies in addition to developing a future plan.

The Women's Science (Jinolojî) Center was opened in the city of Kobani in March. The Center, which is composed of 6 female members and the administration, aims at reviving women's science within society and fighting the authoritarian mentality established by the capitalist systems of society that have alienated women from their nature and reality.

On the activities of the Center for Women's Science, the member of the Women's Science Committee in the Euphrates region Farza Mulla Khalil said that they were able to organize lectures in all the city's institutions and academies, in order to familiarize the women with their science and return them to the reality they were robbed of.

Farza stressed that through the Center, they were working on researching and analyzing the reality from all sides, especially in the society that was marginalized during IS' domination, and the attacks launched by mercenary gangs.

Farza added that they were working on future plans to develop awareness among society in particular, and would train men and break the mold that capitalism formed in the minds of society.

They will also intensify their tours in the Euphrates region and conduct research on the problems facing women.




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