Economist: collapse of Daesh collapsed Turkish lira

The economist and the professor Hashim al-Zebari pointed to the benefit of Turkey from the natural resources controlled by mercenaries in Syria and Iraq, and said: "collapse of Daesh collapsed the Turkish lira.

The Turkish economy is suffering from deterioration due to the wrong policies of the Turkish authorities, and its first spark was the result of the crisis between Ankara and Washington against the backdrop of the detention of Turkey as an American priest. Economists confirm that the policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his involvement in monetary policy matters brought the economy to these case.

In the middle of last year, inflation increased and the value of the Turkish lira fell to more than half, prompting" the Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC (S&P) " to expect Turkey's economic growth to slow in 2019.

Turkey has relied on Daesh to revive its economy

Hashim Zebari noted: "After the deterioration of the Turkish economy in recent years, dozens of documents showed Turkey's deal with mercenaries, through the black market, through some figures and institutions associated with it, specialized in the transfer and export of funds and financial markets and others.

Turkey has been able to raise its economy, relying on the natural resources that were under the control of Daesh at the time, and mainly oil, which was obtained by Turkey at low prices," said Hashim Zebari.

 He explained how Turkey managed natural resources controlled by mercenaries in Syria and Iraq, he estimated the proportion of Turkey's purchase of oil for nearly 1 billion US dollars. 

The collapse of Daesh resulted in the collapse of the Turkish lira

Zebari pointed out that Turkey has benefited from Daesh in several ways, and has facilitated its airports to go and the return of mercenaries to and from Europe, as Europe has threatened by Daesh and the Syrian refugees, and therefore, Europe pumped large sums of money to Turkey. He said: "All these helped to some extent to the steadfastness of the Turkish economy, and without those imports, Turkey would have entered a large period of economic recession.

Hashim Zebari drew attention to the deterioration of the Turkish economy more than before after the loss of mercenaries for control of natural resources in Syria and Iraq, and collapsed the Turkish lira, which lost about 60% of its value.

Hashim Zebari pointed out that Turkey is trying to export its economic crisis through its direct intervention in Syria, Iraq, the Kurdistan region, Yemen, Libya and many parts of the Middle East. He said: "The economic crisis is worsening within Turkey, the unemployment rate has increased.

The United States stepped up its sanctions on Turkey after Turkey's insistence to buy the Russian system S400.

Dr. Zebari participated in the international forum on Daesh, which was organized in the area of Amouda by Rojava Center for Strategic Studies.



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