In conjunction with the 15th of February which marks the 20th anniversary of the arrest of the leader Ocalan in the result of an international plot, many activities are taking place in Kurdistan, in particular, Rojava demanding for releasing the leader Ocalan.

In al-Hasakah city, the School Administration organized a lecture on the international conspiracy against the leader and the isolation imposed on him in al-Kellasa neighborhood in the presence of hundreds of teachers of al-Hasakah.

The lecture was given by the administrative member in Kongra Star in al-Hasakah Zaynab Murad who said, "Since 2011, the leader's lawyers have not been allowed to visit him. This isolation strikes all the international conventions. The Turkish state was not limited to exist fascist laws, but exceeded that and developed a special law for one person, so it puts Ocalan in isolation."

Zaynab pointed out, "The goal of the Turkish fascist state by imposing the severe isolation on Ocalan is to break the will of the Kurdish people and to prevent the distribution of the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan that aim at liberating the people from the authoritarian regimes."