Dramatic developments in northern Syria, Erdogan circumvents results of municipal elections

Observers believe that the dramatic developments in the north of Syria may end with direct regional and international confrontation and that the bombing of Russia and the regime of a Turkish convey on Monday marks the end of the Russian-Turkish rapprochement, while Erdogan circumvented the results of municipal elections and sacked three mayors

On Tuesday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon dramatic developments in Idlib and Erdogan's practices against the co-chairs of municipalities.  

Al-Arab: Ankara brings Moscow for first meeting with Washington in Syria

On the Syrian issue, Al-Arab newspaper said, "The Syrian north has witnessed dramatic developments that may end with a direct confrontation between the regional and international forces competing on Syrian soil. Perhaps the most prominent development is that which took place in Idlib in the northwest of the country when Turkey rushed to send dozens of vehicles and armored vehicles loaded with munitions to help Heyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Which are being trapped by Syrian army and Russian in the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun."

"The dramatic Turkish move was met with repulsion by the Russian and Syrian air forces amid accusations by Damascus of supporting terrorist gangs ... This is the first time that there has been a direct confrontation between Ankara on the one hand and Moscow and Damascus on the other since Turkey shot down the Russian Sukhoi 24 over Turkmen Mountain." In Latakia province in November 2015, in a shift that marks the end of Syria's tactical rapprochement between Russia and Turkey since their reconciliation in 2016.

Analysts say that the Turkish move has two readings: the first is that there was no Turkish-Russian agreement, as it was promoted to hand over the province of Idlib to the Syrian government in exchange for turning a blind eye to Turkey's orientations east of the Euphrates. These analyzes were based on Ankara's silence on the Syrian army's progress over the past period, which prompted angry reactions from the factions at the time.

The second reading, which seems more likely, is that Turkey has reneged on its initial understandings with the Russian side after reaching an agreement with the United States on the establishment of buffer zone in northeastern Syria, will begin implementation, according to Turkish officials this week.

Regardless of the diplomatic statements made by Turkish officials regarding the preservation of Syria's unity, and the claim that their fight against the Kurds is part of the achievement of this goal, However, the field reality speaks the opposite, and Turkey has long considered the northern part of Syria, and that the "Lausanne" agreement signed in the year in 1923, it was deprived of its right to that area, and it was time to correct this situation by rejoining this part.

Al-Arab: Erdogan circumvents the results of municipal elections

The Turkish government on Monday sacked three mayors belonging to a pro-Kurdish party in three cities, appointed government officials and arrested more than 400 suspected militants, in a move likely to fuel tensions in southeastern Turkey, which is predominantly inhabited of the Kurdish component, at a time when the government is stepping up its suppression of the opposition. "

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has resorted to his expanded constitutional powers in order to burglary several Kurdish municipalities won by his opponents, while not yet absorbed the shock of his loss to the Istanbul municipality, which ended with the loss of the legend of the superman."



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