Dr. specialist: Care must be taken from Cov outbreak, if we do not abide instructions, prevention

Chest and respiratory specialist Saad Ezz a l-Din pointed to the need to drink more juices that contain vitamins that strengthen immunity, and to take care of personal and general hygiene to prevent infection with Coronavirus, and he said: “One infection is sufficient to transmit the virus if we do not follow caution.”

As a preventive measure to prevent the emergence of the new Corona virus epidemic, the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria imposed a curfew on March 23 for a period of 15 days, which can be extended in all cities and regions of northern and eastern Syria.

This comes after the Coruna virus has become a global pandemic after the World Health Organization announced it, due to the numerous infections that have been recorded in many cities around the world, and the registration of thousands of deaths due to complications from symptoms that are similar to the seasonal flu.

 The specialist in chest and respiratory diseases, Dr. Saad Ezz al-Din Hasou noted, through ANHA agency, the need for everyone to abide by the ban. He said: "We can prevent this virus from entering our areas by protecting the borders well, and closing the crossings to arrivals from countries where the epidemic has spread."

Saad Ezz al-Din clarified that if expatriates entering the area enter northern and eastern Syria, they should be placed in quarantine for a period of 14 days, to ensure that they are not infected with the Corona virus. He said: "This is an essential and important means to protect our virus-free zone so far, and the measures taken by the AA on the crossings and their closure is a good step. "

Ezz al-Din noted the need to draw the perimeter of each city within the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and the commitment of citizens to stay in their cities, and not to move to other cities except in cases of ambulance, and said: "In this case, the virus can be restricted in the event of its appearance."

How to protect yourself at home?

Ezz al-Din called on families in the event of similar symptoms on any individual in them to take caution and leave a safety distance of "two meters" between them, especially when coughing, and inform the medical emergency of this, and explained: "If only one person in our areas is injured, everyone can be infected."

Some preventive measures at home

Dr. Saad Ezz al-Din pointed to some preventive measures that would reduce infection with the Coronavirus, and said: "When waking up from sleep, and before and after eating, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water from 20 to 40 seconds, and the use of alcohol and sterilizers is also beneficial, and helps in eliminating bacteria and viruses, utensils must be washed well with chlorine and detergents, washing vegetables with vinegar and water well, cooking raw meat well, washing clothes permanently and exposing them to sunlight.

Prevention when leaving the house

The curfew does not include food shops, selling vegetables, poultry, meat, bakeries, institutions, health centers and the media. Ezz al-Din stated: “When leaving the house, one must not stand in front of food stores, bakeries, etc., and move away from people within one meter, wear a muzzle, and do not gather. Others must also do so. Everyone must treat each other as infected. "

Ezz al-Din added: "When touching the door grip and the banknotes, you must sterilize and wash your hands well because they contribute to infection and spread the virus through the bacteria present on it quickly."

Ezz al-Din also stressed the necessity of drinking lots of water and hot liquids, and the natural juices "lemon, orange and various fruits that contain vitamins, especially c, which strengthen immunity, eating onions and garlic, and not drinking cold water and soft drinks."

As of today, no new infection with the Corona virus has been recorded in the north and east of Syria, while the Health Body has called on the people to adhere to precautionary and preventive measures.



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