Doctor of Political Science: Turkey is afraid of the democratic project in north Syria

Political scientist Hakim Derbandari Khan said that Turkey aims at attacking northern and eastern Syria to strike a democratic project that fears that it will destroy the classical nationalist state, calling on the Kurds to unite their ranks.

 Reactions against the Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria continue, demographic change and targeting of the gains of the Kurdish people in particular.

Doctor of Political science, Hakim Darbandari Khan, from Başûr Kurdistan, told ANHA agency that "The Turkish state, through its attack on Rojava, aims to end the democratic experiment that was founded thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs of all components."

Dr. Derbandari Khan pointed out that this attack is the most serious attack against the Kurds in history, explaining that Erdogan resorted to the use of "fanatic Islam and nationalism together", He considered that the attacks "a sophisticated war used by Turkey to strike the Kurds in the four parts using all despicable methods and advanced weapons."

On how to face these attacks and occupation, Dr Darbandi Khan believes that the unity of the Kurdish ranks within the framework of the Kurdistan National Congress is able to deter this barbaric attack on Rojava and Başûr   Kurdistan.

SDF's resistance changed the world attitude towards the Kurdish issue

During his speech, Dr. Hakim Darbandari stressed that the international situation from the beginning was shy in the face of the areas of Rojava and         Başûr Kurdistan attacks by the Turkish occupation state that these countries follow their policy of interest and follow the American policy, "However, the heroic resistance provided by the SDF against ISIS terrorism and against Erdogan's mercenaries has changed the world policy towards the Kurdish people and the democratic project for the north and east of Syria."






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