Detainee: Turkey wanted me to be agent in Rojava

The young man Mohammed Hassen immigrated his small city towards the European countries escaping from the battle, but the Turkish authorities have arrested him for four years and attempted to make him an agent in Rojava, especially in Afrin.

Mohammed Hassen, a 25-year-old resident of Basuta village in Sherawa district of Afrin canton was arrested while trying to cross with thousands of Syrian refugees to Europe through Turkey without prior charge.

Mohammed Hassen went out from his city, Afrin, in 2015 and crossed the border to Turkey illegally with a number of young people in order to go to Europe.

After crossing into the Turkish territory and before arriving in Istanbul, the Turkish security elements stopped him and searched the convoy in which Hassen was traveling. They demanded his identity card and his fellow's, broke it and arrested Hassen and his companion.

Torturing for eight days without investigation!

After arresting Muhammed Hassen and putting him in one of the prisons, without being subjected to investigation and knowing his charge, the young man has been severely tortured and beaten for eight consecutive days.

"After torturing and beating for eight days, without knowing the charge against me, I was accused of terrorism without evidence, knowing that I am a Syrian citizen who migrated from my country to insure the livelihood for my family," said Hassen.

Mohammed added, "I was insulted and abused, especially on my Kurdish national. I has been remained in solitary confinement for six months, even I have gone on hunger strike for 27 days to get out of the solidarity and put me with the other detainees."

An agent in Rojava!

Hassen pointed out that the investigators and the Turkish authorities tried to make him a client working for them in Rojava, especially Afrin.

The attempts by the Turkish authorities to make Mohammed Hassen their agent, train him and send him to Rojava and Syria failed.

Despite the fact that the young man's parents had a lawyer to look into the case of Mohammed's arrest; however, the young man has been imprisoned for four years, and spent them in three prisons in Qandra, Bursa and Amed.

Training the refugees in the camps and annex them to Jebhet al-Nusra

Mohammed Hassen was transferred from Amed prison to the Syrian refugee camp in Gaziantep which is home for two million Syrian refugees to live in another prison. Hassen said the camp was another prison including those who had been detained by the Turkish authorities under fake pretexts.

He pointed out that the refugees in these camps were exposed to immoral and inhuman practices, until two people committed a suicide because of the tragedy they experienced in the camp.

He explained that most elements of the mercenary factions supported by Turkey in Syria had been trained in the camps. The Turkish authorities urged them to join the mercenary factions and thus exploited them.

And added, "Turkey claims through its media to help the Syrian refugees, but they use them only as a card. The life of the Syrians there is unbearable."

In the Gaziantep camp, the Turkish authorities hand the young men over to the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra either to kill them or to join them to their ranks. The authorities would hand over the young man Mohammed Hassen to Jabhet al-Nusra through Bab al-Hawa gate with the city of Idlib which is under the control of Jabhet al-Nusra.

And then the lawyer of the young man Mohammed Hassen managed to save him from joining Jabhet al-Nusra in Idlib through the courts, so he managed to get out of the camp and reach to the family that left Afrin after the Turkish occupation, and now are staying in al-Shahab.



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