Demonstrations in Libya denounce Turkish interference

Hundreds of residents demonstrated in Benghazi denouncing the Turkish intervention on the Libyan issue, as Libyan meetings continue to be hosted by Cairo to reach a compromise plan to resolve the Libyan crisis.

The residents of Benghazi took part in a demonstration in which they called on Turkey to stop supplying mercenaries with weapons, raising placards supporting the Libyan national army.

Informed sources told Al-Arabiya. Net that the meeting of the Libyan deputies in Cairo included the progress of several proposals, including the formation of a Libyan national unity government, and unify the work of the military institution in full, except for the rehabilitation of the Libyan Interior Ministry, and the dismantling of the armed forces.

The sources also indicated that consideration might be given to the possibility of establishing a body responsible for starting a new Libyan constitution.

The Libyan army has been fighting since April 4 against government forces in the outskirt of Tripoli to cleanse them from armed groups supported by Turkey and Qatar.



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