Demîcir about US vision: America with Kurds' rights within comprehensive Syrian solution

Salih Demîcir the Kurdish writer and journalist noted that the priority of US policy is focused on the internal situation of the United States, which suffers from several crises, stressing that everyone in America wants to maintain the Kurdish ally within a comprehensive Syrian solution.

In an interview with Hawar news agency, Kurdish journalist and writer Salih Demîcir, working for VOA radio network, he said that American weakness in the Syrian crisis was caused by the American internal situation, which suffers from several crises, such as health insurance and the border crisis with Mexico.

According to Salih Demîcir who explained about the American vision of the Syrian crisis, the crises in America affected the foreign policy, but he stressed that the US government has a clear vision about Syria with its allies, and is sticking to a solution through the Geneva process under the supervision of the United Nations.

"The US has strong interests in the Syrian crisis linked to its national security, such as the war on terror and the Shiite Iranian tide, and the Kurds are America's real allies on the ground and everyone in America wants to preserve the Kurdish entity within the solution of the Syrian crisis."

Salih Demîcir explains US policy in Syria, saying: "America alone does not have the last say, but also there are many countries that have influence and weight in the crisis. America is absent from Astana and Sochi, while itt leads and supports the Geneva talks. This split in the international policy towards the Syrian crisis negatively affects the roadmap to reach a real solution to the crisis. "

"The US is present in Syria, but not in its previous strength of foreign policy towards international crises, and has not yet made a formal guarantee recognizing the rights of the Kurds, but short-term or maybe long-term promises, so they do not know the end of things themselves." Salih Demîcir concluded.


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