Delegation of Shengal Autonomous Administration met Mazlum Abdi

A delegation from Shengal Autonomous Administration, met with SDF Commander-in-Chief, Mazloum Abdi. During the meeting, the delegation thanked the SDF for defeating ISIS and liberating a number of  Yazidi women and children.

A  council delegation of Shangal Autonomous Adminstration in Bashor Kurdistan visited the SDF headquarters and met the SDF Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi.

 The delegation included  the governor of Shengal, Fahad Hamed Omar, co-chair of the Autonomous Administration, Hussein Haji, the head of diplomatic relations in the Autonomous Administration, Faris Harbo, and a number of clan notables, as well as the advisor of the co-presidency in Al Jazeera canton, Nesim Shamu, and member of the Yazidi House, Mahmoud Rasho.

During the meeting, the delegation thanked the SDF, all the components of Rojava and northeastern Syria for the sacrifices they made to defeat ISIS to free dozens of Yazidi women and children.

For his part, Abdi stressed that they stand with the people of Shengal in all available ways. He praised the heroism of their forces in the liberation of Shengal.

He added that what the SDF has done is their moral and humanitarian duty and pledged to continue efforts to free all the abductees.



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