Death toll: 235 civilians, including 22 children martyred; 677 wounded in Turkish occupation army attacks

The co-chair of the Health Authority for North and Eastern Syria Joan Mustafa said that the city of SereKaniye is still besieged for the fifth day in a row, and confirmed that the number of the wounded in the result of the Turkish attacks reached 677, while the martyrs numbered 235, including 22 children.

The co-chair of the Health Authority for North and East Syria Joan Mustafa and the co-chair of the Bureau of Organizations Affairs in Al-Jazira Region, Khaled Ibrahim, revealed the death toll of the civilian martyrs and the wounded as a result of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on northern and eastern Syria, during a press conference held in the city of Hasakah.

"The occupation army targeted our medical points in the town of Serekaniye, and these points are now out of service," said Joan Mustafa, the co-chair of the Health Authority in northern and eastern Syria.

"The city of Serekaniye is still under siege for the fifth day in a row. The whole city is besieged. There are dozens of wounded inside the hospital and there are large numbers of martyrs under the rubble."

Mustafa stressed that the medical staff who are going to the city are trying their best to save the wounded civilians who are there. "But for this moment, we are not able to enter the city because of the banning of mercenaries and blocking the roads," he said. .

Joan Mustafa revealed at the end of the statistics of the wounded and martyrs and said: "The number of wounded is close to 677, while the martyrs reached 235, including 22 children."

"We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe. More than 300,000 people from the border towns have left their homes," said Khalid Ibrahim, co-chair of the organizations' affairs office in al-Jazeera region.

"Since the 9th of October, water has been cut off from the city of Hasakah because of the targeting of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to the station of Alouk in the city of Serekaniye," said Ibrahim Ibrahim at the end.


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