Daesh in occupied city of Jarablus!

Daesh mercenaries' flags have been seen in the city of Jarablus, occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, on a mercenary's car belonging to "Shuhada' Asharqia."

Daesh mercenary elements are infiltrating in the areas occupied by Turkey, and day after day, the irrefutable evidence turns out that the areas Turkey occupies in Syria is a safe area for Daesh mercenary elements.

The sources sent a picture from the Syrian city of Jarablus, showing the flag of Daesh mercenaries on a car belonging to mercenary Abu al-Harith Bakrs, a mercenary in Turkey-backed group of "Shuhada' Asharqia."

The sources added that "Daesh does exist in areas Turkey occupied under different labels."

The mercenary Abu al-Harith was born in the village of Bakrs, 40 km southeast of Deir-ez-Zor.


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