Dada: Recent delegations' visit will play major role in promoting security, stability in region

Amal Dada, the co-chair of the External Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration Department, said the recent delegations' visit to northern and eastern Syria will play a role in supporting stability.

Last week, a British delegation representing the UK's two largest parties, the Labor Party and the Conservative Party, visited the headquarters of the Autonomous Administration  bodies in northern and eastern Syria, followed by a joint European delegation from the French and German foreign ministries, who expressed their support to the Autonomous Administration  and establish an international tribunal to try ISIS detainees.

"The visit of such delegations has a significant impact on our communities, public opinion and the international community," Amal Dada, told the Hawar News Agency.

She continued, "we discussed and exchanged views on many issues of interest to the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, which are currently the focus of events, the most important challenges facing it after the liberation of ISIS, the second phase of fighting the sleeper cells in recent liberated areas, and how to support Security and stability in these areas."

Dada said, "we discussed the issue of ISIS families in the camps, how to return them to their countries and alleviate the burden placed on our administration with the presence of these families."

Amal Dada noted that the administration has asked delegations to provide logistical and legal support for the establishment of an international tribunal for ISIS detainees in the Autonomous Administration prisons from over 50 countries.

She pointed out that there was a consensus between them and the delegations on the necessity of establishing this court in the north and east of Syria, as ISIS members committed their crimes on this geographical area.

"There has been extensive talk about the border security mechanism and the ongoing Turkish threats despite the understanding on the security mechanism. Delegations reiterated their support for the implementation of this mechanism," Dada added.

Dada explained that the delegations stressed the support of the education and health sectors, noting that there is a direct sum of money from the French President to support the health sector and the reconstruction of infrastructure in the areas of the Autonomous Administration.

 Amal Dada, concluded by saying, "these delegations are of great importance as they are official, representing their governments, and have an influence in pressuring their governments to support security and stability in northern and eastern Syria."



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