Constitutional Committee will face major differences, violations in De-escalation zone

Last week witnessed the announcement of the so-called Constitutional Committee, which is awaiting major differences, according to observers, while the rate of escalation in Idlib and its surroundings and the announcement of the regime source that the truce is on the brink of collapsing.

Last week, the international press touched upon the Syrian situation, as well as the meetings of the UN General Assembly.

Guterres announces formation of Syrian constitutional committee

"The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, announced on Monday, the formation of the Constitutional Committee on Syria, to begin its work in the coming weeks as part of efforts to end the war that has continued since 2011."

Guterres told reporters at the UN headquarters that the Syrian regime and the opposition committee agreed to "establish a credible and balanced committee under supervision of the United Nations." He added that the committee to prepare the constitution will hold its first meeting in the coming weeks.

The committee is supposed to have 150 members, 50 selected by Damascus, 50 by the opposition and 50 by the UN special envoy. The committee does not include representatives of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, which in its Monday statement considered it" unfair ". “AA controls large areas of northern and northeastern Syria.

"In addition to the composition of the committee, the dispute between the opposition and the regime also revolves around the mechanism of its work and the distribution of responsibilities among its members. The opposition is demanding the drafting of a new constitution, while the Syrian authorities agree only to amend the current constitution.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Moscow calls for the dedication of Turkish checkpoints in Idlib to «the passage of refugees»

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, in its turn, said that the call by the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria to activate the checkpoints set up by Turkey in the De-escalation zone in Idlib was part of the efforts to return the refugees. The first public reference to Moscow's acknowledgment of maintaining these points and seeking to expand its activity in cooperation with Ankara. "

Moscow and Damascus announced the reopening of the Abu Dhour crossing in the Idlib region on September 13, The two sides had previously announced the opening of a “humanitarian corridor” in the village of Souran, but this is the first time Moscow has indicated a possible role for Turkish checkpoints in the region to activate this trend. In particular, the invitation reflects a Russian emphasis on the survival of Turkish checkpoints, and Moscow's approval of the efforts being made by Ankara to strengthen them with additional troops.

The Russian sources did not clarify the position of Damascus on this invitation, note that the Syrian authorities had stressed the need for the withdrawal of Turkish units from the region, and Damascus describes the Turkish presence in it as an "occupation."

But a Russian source told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that Moscow is seeking to expand the scope of understandings with Turkey in order to ensure progress on the ground. He added that the Russian-Turkish dialogues "have not yet resulted in full understandings", but stressed that Moscow's efforts to complete the development of a common vision with the Turkish side.

Al-Watan: Violations of «De-escalation » escalate ...Ceasefire at stake of collapsing

Al-Watan monitored the Syrian field situation and said, “Terrorist aggressions escalated in the last area of De-escalation in Idlib and the neighboring countryside. " The Syrian Arab Army reacted strongly to their violations along the seam lines, especially north of Khan Sheikhoun city in the southern countryside of Idlib, in which witnessed violent clashes in which the Syrian army defeated terrorist organizations, sent a strong message of his intention to continue his military operation to clear more land if terrorists ignore the ongoing ceasefire in effect since 31st of last month.

A field source affiliated to the regime in the southern countryside of Idlib told Al-Watan that the truce on its 25th day almost fell due to the terrorists' attempt to modify the map of control established by the ceasefire, but the Syrian army acted wisely and only responded to terrorist violations without fixing its new points or move to other points able to acquire easily if he wants to complete his military operation, but preferred to say to the terrorists: If you come back we will defeat you again."




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