Congress demands Trump to keep US forces in Syria

Hundreds of US Congress members have signed a letter to the President Donald Trump calling for the continuation of the US role in Syria, saying they are "very concerned" by the extremist groups in the country.

The letter signed by some 400 members of the House of Representatives and Elders whose number is 535 members included, "At the time when some of our closest allies in the region are under threat, the leadership of the United States plays a crucial role."

The speech also included urging Trump to intensify pressure on Iran and Russia over their activities in Syria, as well as on Lebanese Hezbollah.

According to al-Arabiya Net, many members of the Congress; Democrats and Republicans have been deeply concerned about US policy in Syria since December when Trump surprised his national security team and its allies with the decision to withdraw all 2,000 US troops from Syria.

Trump retracted his decision in February and agreed to maintain a small US presence to keep pressure on Daesh during a phase that the US military considers as a crucial stabilization stage in Syria.

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