Confiscation of quantities of heroin in Qamishlo

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Qamishlo city has arrested a heroin trader, where he has been transferred to the Investigation and Prosecution Committee to take the legal actions against him.

 According to the Information Office of the Internal Security Forces, after the receipt of information on the presence of a person who is trading heroin in Qamishlo city, the members of the Combating Organized Crime verified the information received, and as a result of the monitor and follow-up in coordination with the Central Operations Chamber of Qamishlo Asayîş, the trader was arrested during a raid on his residence in Alaya neighborhood of the city.

According to an administrator in the Combating Organized Crime, they searched the house of the accused, and found 6 kg of raw heroin, in addition to 14.5 kg of materials manufactured for that substance. Where the offender admitted of making the heroin in his house and selling it in different areas for financial gains to be transferred to the Prosecution and Investigation Committee to take the appropriate legal actions against him.



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