Commander in SDF: Operations to eliminate Daesh's cells continue

The commander in SDF said that their security and military operations against Daesh mercenaries cells continue.

On March 23, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the start of a new phase in the battle after it declared defeating of mercenaries.

"We announce to world public opinion the start of a new phase in the fight against mercenaries, with the aim of completely eliminating the secret military presence of Daesh and its sleeping cells," the commander-in-chief of SDF, Mazlum Abdi told a news conference held in al-Omer oil field.

With the movement of mercenary sleepers cells and carrying out terrorist acts and targeting civilians, SDF and Internal Security Forces arrested several mercenary elements and seized quantities of explosives and weapons.

In an interview conducted by ANNA correspondent with the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kuran Tal, he talked about their campaigns against the cells. Kuran Tal said: Their military and security operations against the mercenary cells to continue and that they eliminated many mercenaries and raided many of their dens.

Kuran added that the combing campaigns also continue in the liberated areas and the detection of the trenches dug by mercenaries.

Pointing out that SDF are a miniature image of the fabric of Syrian society and the gathering of all Syrians and all their components and beliefs, which are forces defending all Syrians, and was able to fight terrorism and defeating them.



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