Coalition spokesman: Alliance with SDF to continue

The spokesman of the international coalition for fighting ISIS said they would continue to ally with the SDF and the war against ISIS. He said: "If it were not for the fighters' resistance and constant struggle, victory would not have been achieved."

The spokesman for the international coalition to fight ISIS, Myles Kagens, and the Director of the Media Office of the SDF, Mustafa Bali held a press conference at the US forces base in the town of Rumilan.

The conference came on the occasion of one year on the announcement of  defeating ISIS in Baguz. March 23th in the last year witnessed the official announcement of defeating ISIS by the SDF during a press conference held in al-Omar field in Deir ez-Zor at the time.

The spokesman of the International Alliance, Myles Kagens, initiated the conference today by greeting in Kurdish, Arabic and English, saying that they remember what happened in the last year when they officially announced the  ISIS defeat. "We will continue with the SDF until the end of ISIS altogether," he said.

He stressed that they are now continuing, through their alliance with the SDF, to carry out qualitative operations against ISIS cells and will continue until they end their total presence on the ground.

 Kagens said he was happy to be in northeastern Syria and defeat ISIS with their partners in the SDF.

"Five years ago, the international coalition decided to fight ISIS, on the basis of which we have allied itself with military forces operating on the ground, which have been successful," he said.

 In answering reporters' questions about their future plans with the SDF, Kagens noted that they continue to support the forces in their quest to establish stability, security and peace in the region.

As military forces, we are not authorized to respond to Assad's statements

 regarding the recent statements of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the Kurdish issue in Syria, one of the reporters' questions in the conference.

 Mustafa Bali replied: "The crisis in Syria needs a political solution, commenting that the response to the statements and explaining their contents is related to the political parties in northeastern Syria, who as military forces are not authorized to respond to these statements." 

We congratulate March 8th on all women

 if it were not for the fighters we would not have declared victory and at the end of the press conference blessed both Mustafa Bali and Myles Kagens international women's day on all women and singled out the fighters women and about this said the spokesman of the coalition forces: "If it were not for the fighters and their resistance and their ongoing struggle Victory has been achieved."



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